puzzlemug Stoneware is a hard, high-fire ceramic that falls between earthenware and porcelain. The Chinese first produced it in 500B.C.; it was developed in the West between 1000-1200 A.D. Stoneware was in common use in Europe by the 16th C., and was brought to the New World with the colonists. It was commonly "salt-glazed", a technique achieved by placing salt in the kiln during firing.
All our stoneware is hand-made at our home in Williams, Indiana. Some of our pieces are exact reproductions, others are based on historical styles. Our glazes are modern simulations of the wide variety of salt-glazes and slips commonly seen. We also are proud to offer you a limited supply of traditionally salt-glazed stoneware, fired in a wood-burning kiln. There is no lead in any of the materials we use, and our pottery is safe for oven, microwave or dishwasher. puzzlemug
Jay demonstrating on his treadle wheel   Photo: Jay demonstrating on his treadle wheel

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